One thing that has helped through my life is medication, I’ve taken medicines for as long as I can remember. I have memories of ‘popping a pill’ at least one a day from a very early age, certainly Primary School age (which in the United Kingdom is between age 4 and age 11)

It was a simpler time back then, I didn’t understand why I needed to take the medication I did, hell, I don’t even remember what the medication was let alone the reason I was taking it! Fast forward 25 or 30 years to the present day and the medication list is longer, alot longer. That singular tablet that I was taking per day back in 1990 is now 22 per day and remember that translates to 154 tablets per week, let’s assume it’s a standard 365 day year, that’s a total of 8,030 tablets per year (assuming I remember to take them all!). The one thing that is similar to 1990 is that I haven’t a clue what they all do. I know I take tablets to help control my blood pressure, to bind the phosphates in my food, to thin my blood among other weird and wonderful things and the latest table that has been added, Tamsulosin, helps water to pass out through my bladder and not retain in there. I probably will get to know my tablets one day, I’m certainly on the ball nowadays and fully understand any new tablets that get added to the daily mix

For those who have taken a keen interest in my blog you will know that I 100% have full trust in my medical team. I can have sensible conversations with my GP, my nethologist and my transplant team. If I’m fortunate to receive a transplant I’m sure I will also be introduced to a new team who I already trust. The teams deal with this every single day and have far more experience than I have. Whereas I, like many others get frustrated when things don’t seem to move along as quickly as they should, I know, deep down, they have my best interests at the forefront of their minds at all times. If I didn’t have that trust there is no way I’d launch over 8,000 tablets a year into my body blindly!

Oh, I forgot, I also inject myself with 40mcs Aranesp once every 2 weeks to help me with anaemia, I know that one…!

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