11.02.21 – Another UTI and a long night….

One of the most recurring issues that affects me is a water infection, more commonly known as Urinary Tract Infection, as the kidneys are not filtering out waste products correctly from the water I’m passing, the water and urinary tracts get infected, it’s been affecting me for years and I’m sure will continue to affectContinue reading “11.02.21 – Another UTI and a long night….”

02.01.21 – Transplant Month… …Maybe

So this is my very first actual blog post, my up to date current thoughts and feelings. It’s difficult where to start from a blogging point of view so I want to put down some words about a potential life changing event this month, a living donor transplant. As you may (or may not know)Continue reading “02.01.21 – Transplant Month… …Maybe”