19.02.21 – Transplant Update

It’s been over a month since the transplant was cancelled and I was reactivated on the list and although I’ve seen one or two people be offered a transplant via the various Social Media groups I’m in, I haven’t had a sniff at all. It’s not that I have expectations to get ‘the call’ and in one respect I’m really hoping that I don’t get it and the current chain can get back to action once Covid allows!

So where are we up to? Covid case numbers are dropping and the latest reports are that the ‘R’ rating is down to 0.6-0.9. The variants of Covid that have appeared appear to also be under control during this latest lockdown and 17million people have now had at least 1 vaccination shot. Things are looking positive…

All that we need now are all the Transplant units to be open and operational and a date to be arranged for the transplant with of course a hope that all 6 participants within the chain are still 100% well, I can vouch for me and Stacey that we are well!

After speaking to Jean at Liverpool last week she is hopeful, with no guarantees of course, that all outstanding transplants and chains are completed prior to the program having its next running at the end of April. After 3 failings I won’t be holding my breath and will continue to take each day as it comes!

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