11.02.21 – Another UTI and a long night….

One of the most recurring issues that affects me is a water infection, more commonly known as Urinary Tract Infection, as the kidneys are not filtering out waste products correctly from the water I’m passing, the water and urinary tracts get infected, it’s been affecting me for years and I’m sure will continue to affect me if I’m lucky enough to get the transplant over the line

Usually I’m prescribed either a weekly course of Amoxicillin or a one off pouch of Fosfomycin and the infection clears up within a short period of time. The process works really well as my GP or NHS111, depending on time, are really reactive due to me being in end stage renal failure. However, sometimes processes fall over and this was the case on February 11th…….

So I got through the first stage pretty quickly, 30 mins after calling NHS111 at 6:45pm I was sent towards Chester Hospital out of hours to pick up a prescription for Fosfomycin and picked this up no problem at all. I headed back to Ellesmere Port to collect but unfortunately ASDA Pharmacy didn’t have it in stock so I headed to Ellesmere Port Sainsburys which was closed, this left no further choices in Ellesmere Port as it was already 8:15.

So, back to Chester we go to go to Sainsburys there which shut at 9pm and we made it in time, only to find out there was no stock! Finally, after searching on Google I needed to drive a further 20 miles to the top end of the Wirral to a Pharmacy in an area I’d never been before but more importantly it was open until 10:30! 5 minutes after getting there and whilst my medicine was being dispensed, disaster struck…! The prescription wasn’t signed by the doctor. It’s no gone 9:15pm and still no sign of getting the meds I needed!

A further phone call to NHS111 saw me drive to Ellesmere Port Hospital Out of Hours and a further meeting before 10pm closure which saw me prescribed a new medicine of Trimethoprim. A long night but worth it to get the meds I needed!

ADDITIONAL NOTE – 21.02.21 – The UTI has cleared up

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