13.01.21 – Transplant Update

So just a quick update today, as of 4:15pm I’m back on the transplant list!! Whilst our chain remains intact and ready to go once all the required transplant centres are open, one of the chain wants to go on to list in the hope of receiving a kidney offer. If that happens then unfortunately the chain will collapse and we’ll be back at square one

I was asked last week if I wanted to go on the list but we (myself and the team) decided against this with a view to keep the chain intact but with a caveat of re-assessing based on my blood results. Also, quite selfishly, the kidney I’m currently being offered in the chain is an outstanding match for me

I honestly don’t blame the participant for wanting to be active on the list and don’t see it as being selfish either. This whole Transplant journey has been about making the right decisions at the time for the right reasons, that I fully understand! The odds are stacked against an offer of a kidney for anyone at the minute with more and more transplant centres closing down due to the Covid-19 crisis but if there is an offer then surely it’s to be considered. I’m fortunate that I’m pre-dialysis and can carry on waiting for that little bit longer

I did say 2021 was going to be a bumpy ride……..

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