12.01.21 – Covid Vaccine Jab 1

So after the cancelled transplant our wonderful team over in the Royal Liverpool Hospital arranged for both me and Stacey (as my donor) to have our Covid Vaccinations. Ok, we had to travel over to Aintree Hospital so about a 30 minute drive but that’s not the end of the world and we were happy to oblige, who wouldn’t!

Jean, one of our transplant nurses, filled out the necessary paperwork online for us whilst on the phone to me and I promptly received 2 emails with QR Codes on for us to take along with us. We arrive 10 minutes before our due time and checked in no problem. We were then led into the vaccination room where we were separated and pointed towards 2 different cubicles. After confirming some details with the nurse we received the first dose of the Pfizer Vaccination and after sitting down for 15 minutes after, booking our second appointments for 1st February, in 3 weeks, we were on our way. It felt a bit chaotic in there but in a very organised way. There was no agro from anyone either and the majority of people we saw were the excellent frontline NHS workers

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