02.01.21 – Transplant Month… …Maybe

So this is my very first actual blog post, my up to date current thoughts and feelings. It’s difficult where to start from a blogging point of view so I want to put down some words about a potential life changing event this month, a living donor transplant. As you may (or may not know) I’ve been in End Stage Kidney Failure since the back end of 2018 and on the transplant list since May 2019. They say an average wait for a Kidney in the UK is 3.5 years, based on the average I’ve still got some way to go. That said I’ve known of people receiving a transplant within an hour of being on the list and I’ve also known of people pass away whilst waiting. The latter part of that last sentence doesn’t overly concern me as it currently stands, I’m still young, 38 (for the next 2 days anyway) that’s still young isn’t it? I’m still fairly healthy, sure I’ve put on a little bit of weight recently but I’m still active, I ran 6k with my inspirational wife on New Years Eve and I’m planning a run later on today. I’m not going to break any world records but I’ll run and I’ll keep smiling whilst I’m doing it

As you may read in the future (once I’ve wrote it) my wife, Stacey, has offered one of her Kidneys to me and although we’re the same blood group we’re not a direct match which means the immunosuppressant mediation I’d have to take is too strong in these current Covid-19 times. So, because of this we’ve been entered into the Living Donor Paired Scheme to try and find a better kidney for me and for the 3rd time in the past 12 months we have been matched with another 2 couples making a chain of 6, a chain that will see 3 people selflessly donate an organ out of their body for a loved one and 3 people, myself included, will receive an opportunity, an opportunity to have a better quality of life

So, as I write this we are due to go under the knife in 24 days times but with the ever changing situation of Covid-19 which is giving us an unprecedented increase in cases and daily deaths, there is a real possibility that the Transplantation Scheme may close down for a while or one of the 6 people in the chain become ill and can not met the 26th January date. However, positivity is always the key here and one positive I look to is a couple of recent Covid cases in recently Transplanted Patients who have come through the 14-day Isolation period as well as my 73 year old dad who is certainly not in the best of health! As said above my age and fitness will stand me in good stead if we do Transplant and Covid was to become an ‘issue’. We can of course only control our own actions and will continue to work towards the transplantation taking place, if it doesn’t we’ll deal with it, if it does then we’ll deal with it. We’ve already suffered the heartache of having 2 chains collapse due to Covid, whereas a 3rd wouldn’t be ideal I’d do what I can to make sure I keep fighting off dialysis. If it does go ahead, it’s probably the best time to be a hermit for the foreseeable future anyway, again, take the positives!

In the meantime, thanks for reading my first blog post and please stay safe


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